Hi Gluten Free Travelers!

Thanks for visiting our site! We are two Celiacs - Jodi is from Massachusetts and Lindsey is from Arizona. We both love to EAT and TRAVEL!

We first met in 2011, while living in Boston. As it turns out, we were neighbors. One day, we decided to grab dinner and it wasn’t until we individually ordered gluten free buffalo chicken pizza that we discovered we both had Celiac Disease. Between tasty bites of pizza, we discovered that we both had a passion for traveling (and eating along the way). We talked about how hard it was to go to new places and find food that was not only safe, but fun to eat.

Although this continues to be a challenge, in 2013 we moved to New York City, where being gluten free seemed to be the latest trend. As every Celiac knows, this has its pros and cons. However, living somewhere with so many new gluten free products and restaurants to try was (and still is) a gluten free foodie's dream!

While living in NYC, we both continue to compile huge lists of places we want to visit around the world. Our favorite part of traveling is experiencing the culture (and, for us, culture includes food). Searching for authentic and affordable gluten free food, while exploring different cities and countries takes a lot of research. Between the two of us, we have traveled to 45 states within the U.S. and over 30 countries internationally. We have always shared tips and tricks with each other and now we are excited to share our experiences and research on our site, The Gluten Free Travelers. Here, we will share our favorite, most delicious, gluten free finds. Whether you are a Celiac like us, or just avoiding gluten, you too can experience travel through food - the way travel should be!

We hope you find our site to be a resource for eating gluten free in New York City and beyond. If you have any questions, please contact us - we always love connecting with gluten free travelers!

Jodi Brauer and Lindsey Erlick  - a.k.a. The Gluten Free Travelers