Hi Gluten Free Travelers!

Thanks for visiting my site! I’m a Celiac from Arizona, living in New York City. I love to travel around the world and find the best gluten free food!

I was diagnosed Celiac over 20 years ago and I’ve tried what seems like every gluten free product, recipe, and restaurant I can find. I’m excited to share the best of the best on The Gluten Free Travelers blog, instagram, and other social channels. Follow along and share your gluten free food finds by tagging @theglutenfreetravelers in your instagram pictures.

I love living in New York City because there are so many great things to do AND so many delicious things to eat. While living in NYC, can seem like a gluten free foodie’s dream - it still takes some work and to find delicious gluten free food.

I always have a huge bucket list of places to visit… and all the things I want to eat while I’m there. I basically travel to EAT… because, why not!? The best part of traveling is experiencing the culture (and… culture includes food). Searching for authentic and affordable gluten free food, while exploring different cities and countries takes a lot of research. Here, I will share my favorite, most delicious, gluten free finds. Whether you are a Celiac like me, or just avoiding gluten, you too can experience travel through food - the way travel should be!

I hope you find this site to be a resource for eating gluten free in New York City and beyond. If you have any questions, please contact me - it’s always so much fun connecting with gluten free travelers!

Lindsey Erlick  - a.k.a. The Gluten Free Travelers